Black Sheep


You are Black Sheep who has soft sensitive atmosphere and kind of feminine attraction — it’s really 50:50 #LOL
You are not shy even towards men, and are very sociable — yet, some people may get misunderstanding about this
But unlike the atmosphere you possess, you are not that romantic and dreamy — haha, bulls eye!  
You are extremely realistic in that you try to build a steady business and safe family — i hope i could
You have great will power, and are very strong woman — wanna be like that
You can manipulate men tactfully —wew, really? should i try it? nooo #jitakdirisendiri 
You can serve them well to make them successful in life, and you will not easily give up half way —every pious should do things like that..   
Nevertheless, if it is about yourself, you tend to be loose, selfish and indecisive —sometimes..argh, mostly..wake up, you don’t have much time left! 
You can make objective decisions, and will not be influenced by emotions — trying to, even it hard
While you place importance on harmony of the people, you do not forget to subtly promoting yourself — promoting my self? humm
Therefore, you tend to have wide contact of people from early age —it just complicated
You possess both dark and light side of personality, and that character comes out according to situation — well, myself also get shocked when the darkside come out 
You can feel sorry for something, but you tend to be obstinate and not able to adapt to people around you — stiff head, stiff heart.. Oh no, God, help me repair this one
You have rather strong maternal feelings towards men, and tend to take too much care of them —like my precious #LOL 
This makes other people feel being interfered — well, human not perfect.. sorry 
So you should be careful — i will
After getting married, you will work hard on cores, and become a good wife — aamiin ya Rabb
Although, you become devoted to your husband, when both of you get to middle age, your relationship may change, so you need to think up something to avoid such situation — we will get it right, right? to fix the problem, always learn and learn to love each other because of Allah… please guide me always, hehe (speaking to myfuturehusband)

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