Hanabi (Fireworks)

Tuh kan, saya nonton dorama lagi -____-

Ini OST di ending dari dorama Code Blue Session 2. Saya baru nonton satu episode kok, peace ^^v.


i wonder how much dignity there is

throughout this world i am living right now

i think it’s all meaningless

maybe i am a little worn out


exactly what kind of dream should i draw

what sort of wish should i go on embracing

the future is calling out for us

is that voice is audible to you too?


the light that resembles fireworks

even if i can’t get hold of it

one more time one more time 2x

i want to reach out with this hand


everyone is bearing sadness

but is hoping for a wonderful tomorrow

in this world gushed by cowardice and full of conflicts

i wonder how much i will be able to love it


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